State Representative Jimmy Pruett steps in to help Dodge Co. man

GRESSTON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – A state lawmaker from Eastman is going above and beyond to help one man in his district whose home was destroyed in last year’s tornado.

“There’s not a one of us that’s gotten to where we are without somebody helping us. You just have to stop a minute and think about that sometimes,” said District 149 State Rep. Jimmy Pruett.

The legislative session may be over but he says his job isn’t done.

“That’s my community, that’s where I live those are the people that I represent and that’s why I ran…to represent them,” Pruett explained.

That’s why he took his duties as a public servant a step further and began helping Dodge County Resident Glenn Carr find a new home after losing everything in a tornado.

“If it wasn’t for Jimmy Pruett, this trailer wouldn’t be here. He’s the one that raised the money, came up with the money,” Carr told 41NBC.

Now with the mobile home he helped find in unlivable conditions, Pruett is looking to others to lend a hand.

“When I came home from session and I saw it just sitting there without being connected, it was kind of sad but I think together with a lot of people being aware that there is a need that they’ll come forward and help him out,” Pruett said.

He and his wife have committed to donating $500 toward the Glenn Carr Fund.

“I’m not doing anything that any other citizen wouldn’t do and of course the bible teaches us to help other people and it also says God blesses us so that we can be a blessing to other people.”

Pruett has helped Carr with getting donations and even contacting the Georgia Department of Transportation to remove the tree that fell on top of his home during the tornado.

If you’re interested in donating, you can send your contributions to Citizens Bank and Trust in Eastman at PO Box 4541 or you can call the bank and say you’re looking to donate to the Glenn Carr Fund.

They’re also asking anyone with skills in septic tank installation, roof patching or electrical work to help in any way they can.

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