Sex Sells on Macon Streets

It wasn’t the clients they had expected.  Stacey Walker and Phyllis Little were picked up by undercover Macon police officers for selling sex Wednesday night.

They were arrested at the corner of Edgewood Avenue and Second Street as part of a prostitution sting.  That’s where we found Sheneta Coleman.  She says she’s been selling herself at the same corner for 15 years.

“It is hard,” she said.  “I’m 35 years old, don’t have no children, have been out here for a while.  I don’t like what I do but it’s just,” she says, her voice trailing off.

According to her, the weekends are the busiest.  On a Friday night she says she can sleep with as many as 100 men. She says you’d be surprised who her clients are: businessmen, rich men, poor men, black men, white men. Sheneta says she got into drugs and having sex was the only way to feed her addiction.  Her clients use her to feed theirs.

Officers worked 10 different prostitution hot spots, most on side streets off Second avenue, just south of the Medical Center of Central Georgia.  One of the stings was at an abandoned building on Cherry Avenue, that’s where we ran into Joel Anderson.  He tooks us inside the old apartment building, the conditions were repulsive.

Used condoms, feces spread across the wall, beer bottles–clues of what goes on here at night. Anderson lives across the street and says illegal activity including prostitution and drug use are ruining his neighborhood.  24 neighbors on Cherry Avenue have signed a petition, asking city council to tear the abandoned building down.  Anderson says it’s the only way they can build their neighborhood back up. 

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