Secretary of State Brian Kemp promotes new online voter registration website

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – If you haven’t registered to vote yet, there’s a new way to sign up without filling out your information on paper.

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp made a stop in Macon today to debut a new online website where people can register with a few clicks of a mouse. 

There used to be a time where’d you have to find somewhere to get a voter application, fill it out, send it in….
Well now, you can do it all without getting out of bed. 
The Secretary of State’s office is promoting the new online voter registration page, making it easier for you at home to sign up. 
“The good thing about the online platform is that it does have where you can go pre-populate the form on the computer, or on the internet, and you just simply print it out and mail it in,” Kemp said. 
He thinks it’ll make the registration process more efficient. 
The online website won’t replace the old method of registering, but people signed up Thursday in all of five minutes, without having to mail anything in. 
All you need is a state issued ID like a driver’s license. 
Kemp says it’ll also help your local government’s wallet. 
“This also helps the county save money and save resources by doing a lot of this online and not having to re-enter data,” Kemp said. 
And there’s even an app.
You can sign up, find out were your polling location is, and also a get a preview of the upcoming ballots. 
Kemp says it’s too soon to talk online voting…
“I think certainly in the future that’s something that’s coming, but I don’t believe the technology is there yet in my opinion from a security standpoint,” he said. 
But the process to get as many people signed up as possible will cut down on the paperwork. 
“You really need time before an election to properly work those paper applications,” Kemp said. 

If you’d like to get the app, you can download it onto your iPhone. It’s called Georgia Votes, and it’s free. 

Click here for a link to register. 

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