Schools Reject Controversial Scholarship

(WMTV) A high school in Wisconsin is no longer accepting a $500 scholarship from a local Lions Club after a stipulation required recipients to be U.S. citizens.

Lake Mason Lions Club Spokesperson, Ralph Jacobsen said this has been a requirement for the past five years.

School officials said they did not see it until this year, saying there was a handwritten note stating the group wanted the requirement of being a U.S. citizen underlined.

Wisconsin Dells High School Principal, Hugh Gaston said that raised red flags and the district felt the scholarship requirements were not fair for all students.

“Regardless of if they were born in Baraboo and grew up a block from the school, or if they were born in another country and they came here legally or illegally, I still think it’s our mission to serve and connect with all students regardless of their background,” said Gaston.

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