Robert Brown Reacts to GOP Remarks

According to mayoral candidate Robert Brown, Bibb County GOP leader Suzanne Wood made negative remarks against Brown and his campaign.

Brown held a conference Friday morning in response to Wood calling his opinions racist.

“I’m stating it, I’m finished with it, I’m moving on,” said Brown.

Wood responded, “Well in his tenure as a state senator there’s example after example of him dividing the community and just recently he talked about how Republicans meet under white sheets. He called people from north Macon cave people and I just think those comments reflect a racist attitude.”

She went on to say her comment is strictly her own opinion.

“I made the comment about Robert Brown on a political show, I was asked my opinion, it does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Republican party and I stand by my comment.”

Brown and other Democratic leaders defended the accusation. They all agree it’s sad to hear the campaign reduced to name calling.

Former Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor said, “To call Senator Brown a racist is a total outrage, he is the farthest thing from a racist.”

Brown ended the conference by stating, “I think they made the accusation because they fear having a strong democrat in the mayor’s office who’s not afraid to be identified with the democratic party, who will also use that as a platform to try and advance the democrat’s efforts to turn this state from red to blue.”

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