World’s largest retailer starts layaway early

For the second year in a row, Wal-mart will begin its holiday layaway program two weeks early.

It’s hoping for a head start to the year-end shopping season and a repeat of last year’s strong toy sales driven by “Star Wars” products.

The world’s largest retailer is starting the layaway program tomorrow and customers can pay as little as 10 dollars to hold items worth a minimum of fifty bucks.

We are spending more at restaurants but not going to them any more than before.

Burger Business reports that Americans spending at restaurants is up about 8 percent.

But the NPD Group says fewer of us are eating lunch out, as those visits are flat, the increased sales are just due to higher menu prices.

Stocks closed the books on August with a losing day.

The Dow lost 53 points.

But will it be a September to remember?

This month typically is the worst for the stock market, the Dow has fallen an average of 1 point 1 percent this month since the 1890’s.

American Girl dolls will now be sold at Toys R Us.

It will be the only US based retailer to feature the Mattel owned dollars in some stores.

The partnership increases the store availability of American Girl dolls by 6 times.

Engagement rings are getting a makeover and personalized styles are now more important than size of the stone.

Both Signet and Tiffany say bridal sales have been soft.

Also more millennial couples are concerned with where their gems are coming from with nearly 40 percent saying it’s important they are ethically sourced.

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