Restaurant Report Card: Tucker’s BBQ

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – “Five barbecue sandwiches, I need a deluxe cheese,” owner of Tucker’s BBQ Tommy Tucker calls out. “No slaw on one!”

 When you walk in to Tucker’s Barbecue, you’re walking into a community with some rich history.


“Oh yeah, you get to know a lot of people in here,” said regular Johnny Stevens.


“He started after World War II,” said Tucker, speaking about his father.


“That was a big thing for us, back in the early days when we lived out in the country that was a treat to get to come to town and go to Tucker’s and to the movie theater that was over here behind,” said Stevens.

Tucker’s scored perfectly on its health inspection, but there was a restaurant who didn’t do so well.

Taj Indian Restaurant at 5033 Brookhaven Drive in Macon failed with a 56.

The person in charge wasn’t present or doing his or her job well, there was improper eating, tasting, drinking or tobacco use in the restaurant, the place to wash your hands wasn’t set up right and employees touched ready to eat food with their bare hands.

Otherwise this week, the scores were pretty solid:

AP’s Hidden Hideaway at 4274 Broadway in Macon scored a 93.

Anderson’s Diner at 3700 Pio Nono Avenue scored an 89.

Chen’s Wok 6 at 1080 Gray Highway scored an 86.

Dab’s Cafe at 1000 Terminal Drive scored a 99.

El Sombreo at 4646 Forsyth Road scored a 90.

Friends Bar and Grill at 7405 Industrial Highway scored a 92.

Full Belli Deli at 2434 Riverside Drive scored a 99.

Grey Goose Players Club at 4524 Forsyth Road scored a 90.

Jersey Wings and Fush at 5033 Brookhaven Road scored an 89.


Polly’s Lamesa at 3439 Pio Nono Avenue scored a 99.


Steve’s Corner Cafe at 3955 Arkwright Road scored a 100.


Perfect health inspection or not, there’s a tight-knit group that loves Tucker’s Barbecue.


“I’ve picked up several jobs in here to be honest with you, quite honest,” said Stevens. “Just talking to people and have some good fellowship.”


Johnny Stevens finds himself at Tuckers quite a bit.


“We got the regulars is what we call them and we sit and tell stories about each other and then go outside and straighten it out (laughs),” said Stevens.


And keeping a straight and clean restaurant with some great food has always been the goal for Tucker.


“We try to have it clean, we do, we work all the time. It’s an ongoing thing,” said Tucker.


The menu features barbecue, burgers, BLTs and some killer cole slaw.


It started in 1947, and it’s still going strong–with a perfect health inspection to boot.


“I certainly don’t want to go in and drink a glass of tea or eat a sandiwch that’s not good. Because I eat one everyday,” said Tucker.

Tucker’s Barbecue is making the grade this week.


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