Restaurant Report Card: The Perfect Pear

PERRY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – One thing sure to get people walking in downtown Perry is good food, and The Perfect Pear is serving up just that. Owner and chef Megan Brent using her passion and pride to set The Perfect Pear apart.

“Oh I think everything makes The Perfect Pear special but that’s because it’s my baby,” Brent said. “I certainly eat, sleep, and breathe The Perfect Pear.”

Brent has put her own spin on American classics like pimento cheese.

“It turns out I have a pretty good idea of what people like, it works out,” Brent said.

If you’re looking for fresh, homemade sandwiches and food, Megan says come on in. And that’s what people are doing.

“They could go anywhere but they pick The Perfect Pear and it makes my heart burst with pride and it makes dish washing and 100 hour weeks worth it for sure,” Brent said.

Here are your scores this week:

Margarita’s @ Mercer Village on Montpelier Ave – 98

Mikata Japanese Steak House & Sushi Bar on Riverside Dr – 96

Panda Express on Tom Hill Sr. Blvd – 91

Tropical Smoothie Cafe on Tom Hill Sr. Blvd – 88

Steak N Shake on Watson Blvd – 92

Stir King on Watson Blvd – 91

478 Country Buffet on E. Johnson St. – 80

Big Chic on Patrol Rd – 92

Grits Cafe on W Johnston St. – 92

Lucky Cafe on Harold G. Clark Pkwy – 93

And here’s a restaurant that needs to step it up this week:

Margarita’s Mexican Bar & Grill on Watson Blvd scored a 78. An employee was handling limes without any gloves on and there was a black biological growth on the ice machine.

You can tell Megan Brent puts love in her food by the way it’s put on the plate.

“Anybody can make a plate pretty, but can you make it pretty and taste good so both of those are very important,” Brent said.

And to make it look good, takes effort.

“We don’t have a freezer or a fryer…and I think that shows, everything is fresh and hand-cut and we make everything every day,” Brent said.

For a hand-on owner like Megan you better believe The Perfect Pear is racking up a perfect health inspection score.

“I’m a bit of a stickler in the kitchen, things are clean, tidy and where they’re supposed to be and that’s how I like for it to be,” Brent said.

The Perfect Pear in Perry is making the grade this week.

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