Restaurant Report Card: Iron Peach

WARNER ROBINS, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – You can choose to eat healthy, or not so healthy.

“Trying to tell my clients you know, if you’re out and about, make wise choices, that kind of goes to the wayside when you don’t have a healthy choice,” said Iron Peach owner Tim Kidder.

The Iron Peach in Warner Robins is hoping you’ll choose to eat well and use an all-natural, delicious smoothie to do it.

But first–the restaurant that needs to step it up this week.

Market City Cafe on Cherry Street in downtown Macon scored an 84.

It’s really not a terrible score but a couple of things to mention here.

Employees left some cooked noodles out overnight that weren’t cold enough to be properly stored, they had expired bread out that was at least a week old, and the hood vent above the stove had some heavy grime on it.

You can find other health inspection scores here.

It’s the holiday season, and it’s a season known for putting on a few pounds.

“We get bombarded come January 1st with New Year’s resolutions. I want to change my life, I want to become healthier. Why have to get to that point?” said Kidder.

Don’t wait to get there–the Iron Peach can help you keep that weight off.

“Hey look, eating healthy can actually still taste good,” said Kidder.

Tim Kidder owns the shop with his wife, and the smoothies are definitely delicious.

Groovy green smoothies and a groovy health inspection score makes eating clean easy to do.

“It is extremely hard for me to eat at any establishment that’s under 100,” said Kidder. “I personally get grossed out. I wouldn’t want to do it, so I wouldn’t want one of my customers to question whether or not it’s clean.”

If you’re drinking a healthy snack at the Iron Peach–you don’t have to.

The Iron Peach is making the grade this week.

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