Restaurant Report Card: Francar’s

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Don’t let the number of sauces intimidate you.

“We can do mild, we can do spicy, we can do hot, we can do really hot, we can do sweet, we can do sour, we can do bitter,” said Francar’s owner Carl Fambro.

Francar’s can definitely do wings.

But first, a restaurant that needs to step it up this week.

The Rookery at 543 Cherry Street made an 81.

It’s not a terrible grade, but let’s take a closer look at what went wrong.

They had some raw eggs stored over ready to cook food, there was some brown food like build up inside the soda gun nozzle at the bar, and one of the employees cooking food had a beard longer than half an inch and wasn’t using a beard restraint.

You can find your other scores here.

Francar’s isn’t winging it when it comes to wings–they know exactly what they’re doing.

“I’d say they’re the best wings in town,” said customer Kimberly Barham.

Let’s just say it’s tough to have just one sauce.

“I like the hot and that’s just cause I like basic stuff, it’s got like a pretty good kick to it,” said Barham. “The Macon Heat is pretty good as well.”

Not only is that perfect health inspection on the wall, but it’s clear that Francar’s loves the community.

“The students had asked for us,” said Fambro. “I met the president, met the vice president, met some of the marketing folks. I met a lot of students who were really advocating for us to come over, and we decided to take the plunge almost six years ago.”

And staying clean isn’t an issue.

“When we first opened up, a restaurant not in Macon got in real big trouble, they got someone sick, and the report came back and the restaurant bit the bullet for it,” said Fambro. “They said they did it, they were guilty, and I warrant to make sure that we never, ever have that issue here.”

Francar’s and their wings are making the grade this week.

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