Residents, technology help track Jones County criminals

GRAY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – You can help deputies track down criminals by being proactive–it has happened twice recently in Jones County.

“We work our tails off to try to protect our people’s property,” said Lt. Kenny Gleaton with the Jones County Sheriff’s Office.

Being two places at once isn’t possible even for the best Jones County deputy.

“As you can imagine, we can’t be everywhere all the time,” said Gleaton. “It’s really a good idea for people to take precaution on their own property to help us out.”

Gleaton knows how valuable it is to have residents step up and do what they can to help track down criminals.

“It helps,” said Gleaton. “It’s invaluable.”

Two recent cases in the county have shown that–both in the Joycliff Road Area.

In one case, a homeowner had property stolen twice–so he did something about it.

“He went ahead and took it upon himself to install cameras, a surveillance system, and the surveillance system actually sends data alerts to his cell phone anytime it was triggered, so he was able to contact us at the time something was going on,” said Gleaton.

The sheriff’s office caught the person involved.

In the second case, a homeowner’s alarm helped deputies catch someone on a break-in in the same area.

“Their house was actually well off the road, so even in driving by there, without going down the driveway, we couldn’t see the house to see if somebody was behind there doing something,” said Deputy Wes Ransom.

“Them having an alarm, them taking the steps to try to protect themselves made the whole difference in us being able to stop this crime from happening,” said Ransom.

So having an alarm, or setting up camera is a great way to use technology to help deputies–but also using social media.

“Say we do have a suspect description or video footage and we don’t know who it is,” said Gleaton. “We post a lot on Facebook. Crimestoppers is also a valuable tool for folks. We put information out there and folks will contact us and we’ve solved numerous crimes that way.”

Helping deputies be in a lot of different places, to protect and serve.


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