Representative James Beverly wants Macon-Bibb local elections moved to November

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – State Representative James Beverly says he wants to move Macon-Bibb’s local elections from May to November.

Representative Beverly introduced a new bill that would move mayor and county commission elections to November in a presidential election year beginning this year.

Beverly says the move will allow easier access for voters by streamlining the process and increasing voter participation in the mayor and county commission elections.

“If we really wanted to include the folks of Bibb County in a fair election where most of the people turn out, then we would put it in November and non-partisan elections lend themselves very well to have a November race because most people are going to show up,” Beverly told 41NBC by phone. 

The change will provide more time for the Macon-Bibb Board of Elections to complete the new voting locations in the district after precinct closures.

Beverly says “Macon-Bibb County has witnessed many changes in the voting process worsening the gaps in voter turnout. Minorities are disproportionately affected by these changes, along with the elderly and disabled citizens of the community. If we continue to make modifications to the voting process that deviate constituents from engaging in their civic duties, we further risk suppressing voters. This legislation simply makes voting easier for all eligible citizens.”

Beverly believes the high number of voter turnout during the presidential election will boost turnout in the local election.

State Representative Allen Peake says he wouldn’t be for the change, telling 41NBC the general feel of the delegation is that lawmakers don’t want to ‘mess with’ the county’s current charter. 

Beverly says he plans on bringing the bill in front of the local delegation next week to gauge interest. 

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