Race for Mayor: Reichert vs. Ellis

The runoff race for Macon’s next mayor kicked into high gear Tuesday.

Mayor Robert Reichert and C. Jack Ellis held separate meetings to announce their priorities for moving forward and alongside them were community members endorsing their choice for mayor.

Reichert and Ellis each have a list of top priorities.

“Downtown revitalization, economic development and community development,” said Reichert.

Ellis added, “Economic development, crime and of course effective and efficient government.”

Both candidates also have supporters who stand behind them.

“We’re a community that wants a change and I believe C. Jack Ellis is that change,” said Annie Gibson of South Macon.

For Reichert, the strength behind his campaign comes from a diverse group of people all working together.

“Black, White, Korean, Hispanic…we had a great gathering of people,” said Reichert.

However Ellis makes a promise that help is on the way for areas like South Macon.

“Try and rescue some of these closed buildings that you see here by opening up and bringing life back, creating jobs, working with small businesses.”

Ellis continued to say that he hopes people remember his work from his first term in office.

As for Reichert, he says we’re moving in the right direction and people recognize it. He hopes he can continue serving the people of Macon.

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