Property owner looking to open winery in Perry

PERRY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – One Perry property owner is on a mission to bring a winery to the city. He’s been growing grapes, but hasn’t been able to sell the finished product. 

By day, Marty Myers owns a construction company. In his spare time, he’s a winemaker. 

“Grapes are the lynchpin to any wine making deal,” Myers said. 

He owns Red Barn Vineyards, four acres of land on the outskirts of downtown Perry covered with grapevines. 

“We got the idea a couple of years to go to start the process of making wine and being able to sell it,” Myers said. 

Since January, he’s filed paperwork on both the local and state level to get permission to sell his products. The problem? Perry didn’t have an ordinance for wine sales from a vineyard until now. 

“This entire year, I’ve had a license to sell wine that I can’t even make yet,” Myers said. 

City council recently approved the ordinance and Myers is one step closer to profiting off of his wines. 

“Very seldom to we have to go out of the middle Georgia area to get our fruits. Most of them, we grow right here,” Myers said. 

He even customizes names of wines for those who want to get their grapes pressed. 

He and one of his employees grow muscadine grapes…

“…which is what the bulk of what we do. We also do several different fruit wines like pear and blackberry. Those are our main ones. We also do peach, raspberry, pomegranate,” Myers said. 

It’s a variety Myers hopes can share with the community, one bottle at a time. 

“I would be happy if we bring a few extra people into Perry, and they can experience our downtown area,” Myers said. 

He still has to wait and be approved by the state before he can sell his wines. The Red Barn Vineyards is one only a few in middle Georgia. 

He plans on expanding the farm, if and when the paperwork goes through. 

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