President Trump Pushes Tax Plan on Capitol Hill

President Trump heads back to Capitol Hill today to convince reluctant republicans to pass his tax plan.

This afternoon President Trump has lunch with republicans aiming for a tax vote this week.

His goal: get a tax plan – even if not one democrat votes for it. “I’m not so interested in that. We’re really interested just in getting it passed,” said President Donald Trump.

“We intend to turn this mess around and we intend to do our very, very best to do it in the right way,” said Senator Orrin Hatch, (R) Utah.

There are a handful of republicans opposed. They can only afford to lose two. “There’s a lot of detail to work out in this. But this is the process. You’re watching the sausage being made,” said Senator Ron Johnson, (R) Wisconsin.

“I would like to vote for the bill, we’ll try to get there,” said Senator Jeff Flake, (R) Arizona.

Skeptics worry the plan favors big corporations over small businesses, and the wealthy over low-income families.

The latest Congressional Budget Office report found in the first decade, people making over $100,000 a year would pay less and those making under 75,000 would pay more. “I just want to make sure that the revenues are there and we’re not increasing deficits,” said Senator Bob Corker, (R) Tennessee.

CBO says this plan could add more than a $1 trillion to the deficit.

The president is also meeting with top leaders from both sides this afternoon, about the budget. The government could shut down if there’s no deal by the end of next week.

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