Power of prayer: Dublin rally brings out hundreds

DUBLIN, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Prayer can be a powerful force for some–powerful enough to bring hundreds out to the Dublin Mall to support the right to pray.

“I wanna tell em, it’s about you my savior!” the prayer rang out.

“God is good to me and I have to serve him,” said an attendee.

“I’m here to support God and our prayer to God,” said another.

“I heard someone say surreal. A surreal experience today,” said coordinator of Dublin Girls Run Tammy Brantley.

They feel there’s a power in prayer.

“I’m here for my God,” said one attendee. “He stood for me, he took the pain for me on the cross, the least I could do is come stand up for him today.”

A power that brought people together Thursday evening.

“The unity, the prayer, just feeling that spirit, I mean, all of it,” said Brantley.

Brantley’s prayer fitness group, called Dublin Girls Run, was shocked.

Something they feel is right–praying where ever they want–was taken away from them.

“For us, the congregating is part of our ministry–that’s where we get our strength from,” said Brantley.

And that strength showed up strong as nearly 150 people came out in support of what they call the right to pray at the mall.

It was just the weekly Tuesday meeting for the group–praying before they walked through the mall to stay fit.

A security guard came up and told them mall policy didn’t allow people to pray in groups.

“We have a set of rules when you come on the property,” said VP of McKnight Properties John Engler. “One of them is that congregating is not allowed.”

McKnight Properties owns the mall.

“We’ve looked at all of the evaluations and you know basically we stand by our rules and our code of conduct.”

The ladies agree: rules are rules.

“If they don’t want us to congregate then we’re going to have to move our location to somewhere that we can,” said Brantley.

But the mall welcomes groups in sponsored events–with proper permission.

“As long as they’re done in the proper manner and go through the proper steps with the mall office we’d love to have people,” said Engler.

Engler also wanted to note saying a prayer before a meal at the food court is allowed.

Brantley said they were not trying to be rigid or pick on anyone, but they just wanted to do what they felt was right.

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