Poss family on sentencing: ‘No matter what, we still don’t have Sam back’

PERRY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – After a Houston County Superior Court judge sentenced Dakota White to life in prison without parole, Sam Poss’ say they did not closure.

“You understand a sickness. You understand an accident,” said Christian Poss, Sam’s father. “You can even understand a robbery or something, but you don’t understand just pure evil, just because we could, we did. That’s what makes it more difficult to deal with.”

White confessed that he and Brandon Warren killed 18-year-old Sam Poss in October of 2016. White says he and Warren had a suicide pact and wanted to know what it felt like to kill someone else before they died.

“I don’t think they deserve death, honestly,” said Nicole Poss. “They’re young men who don’t seem to care about anything and death may be too easy. It seems like the easy way out.”

Both Warren and White were sentenced to life in prison without parole. Sam’s parents say they did not push for the death penalty, because Sam did not believe in it.

“When Sam was about 10, he came up to me and said ‘momma, the death penalty doesn’t bring anybody back,” said Nicole. “It just doesn’t do any good.'”

Despite the nightmare the Poss family has lived the past couple of years, they’re hoping to focus on the good.

“I’ve tried to figure out how this could have been prevented and there’s just. I haven’t figured it out yet,” said Nicole. “So all we can do is love the people that are in our lives and keep loving them after they’re gone.”

In memory of Sam, the Poss family started Sam’s Challenge. It’s a challenged aimed to “do good on purpose. Nicole says its an effort to make the world a better place. You can learn more about the challenge by visiting the Sam’s Challenge Facebook page: facebook.com/dogoodonpurpose/

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