Police and Fire Pension Board Dragout Debate

The debate on how to refund Macon‘s Fire and Police pension continued this afternoon and a resolution seems out of reach.

“It makes me think real hard about why you are always singling out the chairman… real, real hard,” said Chairman of the Police and Fire Pension Board, Charles Jones.

Jones says the finger pointing of the pension debate casts toward him. Tempers flared as the board met to discuss litigation with the city attorney about the law suit filed by Danny Angelo. Angelo is suing the city for holding what he calls an illegal meeting about the pension fund.

 Board member Charles Bishop says the two sides can’t agree to terms about refunding the police and fire pension and the public should know why.

“By the charter, it’s our responsibility as fiduciaries to inform the planned participants about what’s going on with their pension plan. So we’ve had entirely too many meetings lately in the dark,” said Bishop.

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