Perry police upgrading equipment in light on recent attacks

PERRY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The Perry Police Department is investing in more than $10,000 worth of equipment to keep its officers safe.

After recent events where officers were injured or even killed, one captain says it was time for the upgrades.

“It’s a lot harder. It’s a lot sturdier, and it’s a lot heavier,” Capt. James Buck said, referring to new armor vests the department is ordering.

Moving around with heavy gear isn’t unusual to Buck. He lugs around more than ten pounds of equipment, including a bullet proof vest.

“That affords them protection pretty much from any type of handgun, but it does not afford them any protection against rifle rounds,” Buck said, pointing to his bullet proof vest he was wearing.

But Buck worries the standard issue vests aren’t enough.

“With the events in Dallas, Baton Rouge, Orlando…it has become now a more critical need to get this type of protection out to our officers,” he said.

Perry city council approved buying $14,000 worth of heavy duty vest for all 40 of the city’s officers.

Buck says the officers won’t have to wear the vests all the time, but when intense situations flare up — the vests will be available.

It’s another measure in an attempt at keeping police safe.

“This particular style of body armor is made out of a ceramic plate and other material that can resist rifle rounds,” Buck said, dissecting the vest.

An addition that Buck says will increase officers’ chances of going home to their families.

“I’d rather carry the extra gear than be carried,” he said.

Captain Buck says the department started the process of ordering the new equipment, but since the national incidents — there has been a wait list to get new gear.

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