Perry City Council holds first meeting of 2021

PERRY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT)— The city of Perry held it’s first meeting of the year Tuesday night. Many things were on the agenda, but the big concern was the rise of COVID-19 cases in the area.

The pre-council meeting discussed business from the office of the City Manager. Initially they hoped to postpone youth basketball until January 18. With the rise in cases though, Mayor Randall Walker said they have to push it back further.

“It’s a major concern when our hospitals are totally full,” said Mayor Walker, “we’re overworking our staff and it’s very difficult to give them the proper care that they need to give to the people that are sick so we’re doing whatever we can to support that.”

What city services are changed due to the rise in Covid cases

  • Customer service and Council meetings are closed to the public
  • Staff meetings will be cancelled or reduced
  • Public hearings will be postponed unless required by law
  • The Worrall Center will be closed unless it’s approved for rental activity
  • Authorities, boards, and commissions appointed by Council will follow Council guidelines
  • Youth Basketball is postponed until February 2021

Mayor Walker said residents should continue to follow CDC Guidelines to help get the number of infections down.

“We would recommend everybody where a mask when they’re in public, we ask that everyone wash their hands on a regular basis, we ask that people support social distancing, it’s very very important and avoid large gatherings,” said Mayor Walker.

What the Council Meeting discussed

  • The rezoning of a property located at 1001 Third Street (First reading, required no action)
  • The City of Perry requested a text amendment to modify the districts where self-service storage is allowed (First reading, required no action)
  • Public Hearing to authorize a brown bag license at the new Lush Art location (Tabled until next meeting)
  • The amending of the 2020 Fiscal Year Operating Budget (approved unanimously)

A resident gave input during the meeting saying he’d like to see the downtown Christmas lights on all year to help with lighting. Council Member Willie King said he agrees.

“Improving our lighting downtown, help standardize that make sure to make the city pop as he says bring it out and make it look good,” said Councilman King.

The end of the meeting showcased a promotional video as a way to demonstrate the new audio visual equipment at The Perry Arts Center. Councilman King said he hopes the video will draw more people to the city.

The January 18 work session is cancelled due to the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. The next meeting is January 19, where the Mayor said they will revisit opening the meetings beginning in February.

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