Pediatrician explains effects of marijuana on children after Wrightsville boy eats weed cake for breakfast

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – A Wrightsville woman who’s son told his teacher he ate a marijuana cake for breakfast bonded out of jail Thursday. 41NBC’s Alexa Rodriguez spoke to a pediatrician to find out what happens to a child when he or she consumes the drug.

Shakirah Wiley, 30, was arrested Wednesday.

Dr. Christy Peterson, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the Medical Center, Navicent Health, said the effects of marijuana are greater and more unpredictable on children than adults.

“Teenagers or adults, it may feel like sleepiness, but in a kid it can look like lethargy and it can even, in severe cases, lead to coma,” explained Dr. Peterson.

Wrightsville Police investigators said the Johnson County Elementary School teacher noticed the child was acting unusual in class.

“It makes them sleepy, agitated and ataxia which means that they can’t walk very well. It makes them seem disoriented. It makes them not perform well at school or be able to control their body. Hand-eye coordination would be decreased,” said Dr. Peterson.

Wrightsville officers said when paramedics checked the child’s pulse, it was 200 bpm.

“A six-year-old child in first grade sitting at his desk would have a resting heart rate anywhere between 65 and 135 beats per minute so, yes, 200 beats per minute is high,” explained Dr. Peterson.

Dr. Peterson added ingesting marijuana can be more dangerous because users can’t be sure how much they’re consuming.

“You can get to much higher doses by eating it because the effect is delayed. There’s 30 minutes to an hour to even longer. Maybe a few hours before it’s completely absorbed and the full effect is appreciated so you can actually not know that you’re being affected and keep eating it,” explained Dr. Peterson.

Wiley is charged with second degree child cruelty and contributing to the delinquence of a minor.

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