Peach Co. deputy shoots man holding gun in home

FORT VALLEY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – A Peach County Sheriff’s Office deputy shot a man at a home in Fort Valley Tuesday morning.

Both names have not been released. Family members say the victim is Lonnie Shaw.

“He stumbled back and fell and said why did you do that? He didn’t understand why they shot him because he knew he didn’t do anything wrong,” said Barbara Shaw, the victim’s sister-in-law.

The victim is in the hospital and is in critical condition after surgery.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent J.T. Ricketson said a Byron hospital received someone that had been shot in the leg.

“While he was being treated, information was passed from him through someone in the hospital that he received the gunshot wound out here on West Valley Drive,” explained Ricketson.

Two other Peach County deputies then went to the home on West Valley Drive.

The victim answered the door holding a gun.

The deputy fired one shot, hitting him in the chest.

“He never raised his weapon or anything and they never said a word. They never said we’re the police, we’re here for this, put your gun down, nothing. They shot him right below his rib cage,” said Shaw.

GBI agents got a search warrant for the house and are looking for evidence.

Ricketson said they will be looking for shell casings and blood spatter which could give them insight as to what happened before the shooting.

“We’ve got some dash cam videos. We’ve got some button microphones that we’re looking to download that information. The residents out here have some video surveillance cameras,” explained Ricketson.

The victim’s family hopes the information gives them more answers because they feel the deputies could have avoided the shooting.

Family members said the victim had two surgeries after the shooting.

Ricketson said the deputy who shot the man was taken to the sheriff’s office after the shooting.

He referred 41NBC to Peach County Sheriff Terry Deese to find out if the deputy is still working for the department.

Sheriff Deese hasn’t returned our phone calls.

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