Parkinson’s Patients Find Their Voice

(NBC NEWS) A Nebraska hospital is giving voice back to those with Parkinson’s disease. It’s through a program called SPEAK OUT!, teaching patients to speak with more intent.

Former history teacher David Fulton was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease about five months ago and found he was losing his voice.

“Without intention, people had been talking over me. It was sort of difficult to feel like what I have to say may not sound important because of the way I was saying it,” he says.

There is no cure for Parkinson’s disease, but David won’t let it get the best of him. He met with a pathologist three times a week for four weeks learning to project and speak with intent through the SPEAK OUT! program.

“I could really tell the difference,” he said. “It was very obvious.”

The program has been offered at the Columbus Community Hospital since 2014, and it’s done through a referral from a doctor.

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