Ossoff, Warnock U.S. Senate results could be certified by January 20th

(CNN) Georgia’s top elections official said he intends to certify the results of runoffs that will tip the power balance of the senate to Democrats by January 20th.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger would not commit to completing the task before Joe Biden is inaugurated, but must do so by the January 22nd deadline.

Georgians on Tuesday elected Democrats Jon Ossoff and the Reverend Raphael Warnock to the senate — giving their party control of both chambers of Congress and the White House for the first time in a decade.

It allows Biden to potentially enact sweeping legislation and push through cabinet nominations without Republican support.

In a wide-ranging interview — Raffensperger reiterated that Georgia’s elections were fair.

It comes after he was personally lambasted by Trump for refusing to falsely say that the president won reelection in his state.

The secretary said Trump hurt the Republican party during the runoffs by distracting the GOP candidates with falsehoods about the race when they should have focused on their own campaigns.

Senator Kelly Loeffler conceded to Warnock Thursday and posted a video on social media say that she called Warnock to congratulate him. She also showed gratitude to her supporters.

“I want to thank every Georgian, and every single American who believed in me and our campaign. We accomplished so much in a short time from delivering relief to hardworking Georgians during this pandemic, to funding our rural hospitals and health care, advocating for our farmers, our veteran, for school choice and families, for standing up for conservative American values.

Unfortunately, we came up slightly short in the runoff election, and earlier today I called Reverend Warnock to congratulate him and to wish him well in serving this great state. While my heart breaks at not being able to continue to serve Georgia and America, I’m tremendously proud of all we achieved together. And I owe so much to my incredible team that became like family to me, both in my campaign and my official office. It’s been an honor to serve together, and I know we will always honor the memory of our amazing teammate Harrison Deal. And just thank you for the sacrifices you made out of love for me and our country, to my parents, my family and my friends, my deepest love and gratitude. Rest assured the fight to advance the American Dream is far from over. The fight to protect conservative values is far from over. And the fight against socialism and the radical agenda of the left is very far from over. I fully intend to stay in this fight for freedom for our values, and for the future of this great country.

Serving as your United States Senator has been the honor of a lifetime. I am forever grateful for your kindness, your hard work, your support and friendship. God bless you. God bless Georgia, and God bless the United States of America.”

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