7 students charged in Northeast High School attack

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Authorities charged seven Northeast High School students with aggravated battery after attacking another student.

Tasha Williams, the victim’s mother, tells 41NBC that a student posted a video of the fight on Facebook.

The incident took place at Northeast High School during the transition from lunch to class Wednesday.

Williams says she wonders how could this happen and where were the school’s faculty and staff.

“My daughter was attacked by a gang of girls coming from lunch, walking down the hallway,” Williams said.

Williams said her daughter and her friend suffered severe injuries after the attack by the opposing students. 

“It’s sad I don’t understand why wasn’t no one there to protect my child,” Williams said.

After the incident, she says, the students posted the attack on Facebook. Williams got a copy of the video and showed 41NBC.

Williams’s daughter suffered facial and chest cavity contusions, along with a mild concussion.

Student Alisia Boyd says she couldn’t believe it happened to her.

“It felt like a dream. I didn’t know it was really happening. Everything just went black, I couldn’t see anything,” Boyd said. “I didn’t know who was hitting me [and] I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t defend myself.”

What led to the attack?

According to a news release, a student threatened to slap another student in the face. Someone reported it to the administration on Tuesday. 

The administration sat down with the two students and resolved the conflict. However, the issue led to the attack on Wednesday.

The school officials say, “teachers and students broke up the fight.” However, Alisia says no one aided her.

“I didn’t see no teachers, nobody did nothing to help me, nobody helped me at all,” Boyd said.

Williams said, “She shouldn’t have to come to school afraid and looking over her shoulders as if somebody is going to attack her.”

According to school officials, teachers and staff members monitor lunch periods.

They also urge parents to tell their children to reach out to an administrator if they are having issues with a student.

The school district says the seven students charged in the attack also face administrative disciplinary action.

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