NewTown Macon Brings New Life to Downtown

NewTown Macon is bringing more life to downtown.

The group is proposing a $5 million bond as part of a plan to bring residential and commercial projects to the area.

The plan includes 16 projects. The first 8 properties are “shovel-ready” and would add 136 loft apartments to downtown.

NewTown Macon Executive Vice President Laura Schofield says, “Especially with the economy the way it is people are looking at adding more efficiencies and living close to where you work and play is one of those and so what we’re trying to capitalize on is that national trend and reap the benefits here locally.”

According to a marketing study, 150 to 180 housing units could be added in downtown every year for five years, without over populating the area.

Currently there are close to 400 apartments in downtown Macon and 90 to 95% of those are occupied.

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