New technology allows solar panels to charge battery-operated lawn equipment

FORT VALLEY, Georgia (41NBC/ WMGT)- Thanks to new technology, lawn service companies are going green. With the help of Georgia Tech, Super Lawn Technologies developed a Mobile Solar Powered Charging Station for Box Trucks.

“It’s the change from gas-powered equipment to battery-powered equipment,” Super Lawn Technologies CEO and Founder Tony Bass said.

It’s music to neighborhood’s ears.

“When you’re operating it, it’s at a fraction of the sound. It is very quiet and so that’s good for operators and their hearing,” Bass said.

The most important aspect is that the truck is eco-friendly.

“This transition to battery-powered equipment is absolutely wonderful for our environment. Lowering CO2 admissions by a factor of 18,” he said.

How the Mobile Solar Powered Charging Truck works is, sunlight hits the solar panels on the roof of the truck. Solar panels convert those rays into direct current electricity and ultimately battery-power lawn equipment.

“Gas-powered weed eater used on a commercial lawn maintenance crews may operate 500 hours a year. It burns a quarter-gallon of gasoline per operating hour, so each year it’s burning 125 gallons at $3 a gallon. That’s $375, compare that to recharging one of the lithium-ion batteries and it cost just $20 in electricity,” Bass said.

Georgia Tech President Bud Peterson is excited for the new technology.

“Good for the environment, good for the neighborhood, good for Super Lawn Technologies,” Peterson said.

Bass says there’s minimal maintenance with the solar charging stations. With no spark plugs, fuel filters or gas caps, you just simply charge your equipment like you would your cellphone.

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