Nearly a week after his disappearance, missing man’s family grows concerned

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The family of a man who was reported missing last week is now desperately looking for answers.

“It’s just heartbreaking I can’t understand it,” the man’s mother told 41NBC.

Family members of 53 year-old John Lewis Fleming III say last week was the last time they saw him. His mother, Larcine Fleming, says since then, it has been hard for her.

“I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, it just breaks me down so bad. I can’t stand it,” she said of her son’s disappearance.

Fleming says she’s spent much of her time sitting by the phone.

“If I could just hear something, somebody call me and tell me something.”

She hasn’t seen or heard from her youngest son since last Tuesday. She says when he didn’t come by her house early that morning she knew something was wrong.

“When we got home from the store, he was gone. I can’t understand that. He’d never go anywhere and spend the night unless he was here or went to his girlfriend’s house,” she said.

His girlfriend reported him missing after he was supposed to pick her up from a hair appointment but never showed up.

“He’s never done that before so I just can’t understand it,” she explained.

With each passing day her concern grows.

“It’s so hard on me, I just don’t want to talk about it sometimes,” Flemings said in tears.

All she and the family are looking for now is confirmation he’s alright.

“I wished I knew something but I don’t know anything. If I could just hear something I’d feel better,” she said.

Several family members say Fleming was known on the east side as everyone’s favorite car wash man and he was very particular about his job.

They say they knew something wasn’t right when they saw that he’d left all of his equipment out. The family is now looking into getting together a search party.

Larcine Fleming says her son, John, was very well liked and she has no idea of anyone who would want to harm him in any way.

If you have any information on Fleming’s whereabouts call the sheriff’s office at 751-7500.

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