Navicent Health researches potential treatment for COVID 19

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) —Doctors at Navicent Health are trying to figure out if a drug used for strokes, is an effective treatment for patients with COVID-19.

According to doctors, Tissue Plasminogen Activator, also known as TPA, is a clot-busting blood thinner commonly used for treatment of a stroke.

Doctors at Navicent Health are researching if the use of TPA will help patients with respiratory distress associated to COVID-19.

Hopefully it will be an improvement in the patient’s ability to endure the respiratory insult that COVID creates,” said Dr. Benjie Christie. 

Dr. Benjie Christie says doctors have safely delivered the drugs to a number of patients.

According to Dr. Christie, each patient was tracked with every detail recorded. He says the data shows a positive clinical impact so far, but they will continue to study it.

We did see some favorable trends to gain and maintain oxygen. Now, the question that we are continuing to work towards is this transient? Is this durable? Is this the best dose?,” said Dr. Christie.

The doctor says Navicent is researching Convalescent plasma as another treatment option, and if steroids could be effective.

According to Chief Medical Patrice Walker, the hospital uses Remdesivir as another new treatment COVID-19 patients.

Dr. Christie says besides medicine, doctors will place patients with severe respiratory infection on their stomach to get oxygen to the lungs. It’s called prone positioning.

“That may be one of the most helpful things, that’s not medicine at all,” said Dr. Christie. 

According to Navicent Health, the TPA research is ongoing, and they have partnered with hospitals nationally to continue research.

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