Monroe Gun Shop Owner: Assault rifle wasn’t used in Orlando shooting

BOLINGBROKE, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – A Monroe County gun shop owner said the rifle used in the Orlando shooting wasn’t an assault rifle.

Ventures Guns and Stuff sells guns similar to what was used in the mass shooting.

The owners said there’s a lot of confusion about what is considered an assault rifle and what isn’t.

“It was one trigger pull each time. He did not use an assault rifle. Assault rifles are used by the military. A lot of [people] use the term simply for the fact of the way it looks,” said Laura Giles from Ventures Guns and Stuff.

Giles explained the major difference between an assault rifle and a regular rifle is how many bullets you fire when you pull the trigger.

“As long as you held the trigger down, it would shoot every [bullet] in the magazine. That’s all it would take to shoot as many as you want,” explained Giles.

There are many steps to buying a full-auto, or assault, gun.

The first is getting it approved with your local sheriff.

“You have an extensive background check done by the FBI. The information would be sent to them, you would have a picture, duplicate copies. You have to have a local FFL that has a class 3 license in order to be able to even obtain it. It takes anywhere from seven to 14 months to get it,” said Giles.

Giles said Monroe County has seen an increase in gun carry permits over the last few years, but most of her customers aren’t looking for assault rifles.

“It’s not something that the average Joe goes out and buys. The majority of people are looking for handguns,” said Giles.

Giles wants people to educate themselves to know how to identify different types of guns.

“AR-15’s he thought they were the same thing that the military used and that’s not so. That’s not the same gun. It might look like the same gun, but it’s not,” explained Giles.

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