Monroe County proposes resolution to reopen

FORSYTH, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) — On Friday, Monroe County commissioners gathered to create a resolution to ask Governor Kemp to reopen the state.

In a 4 to 1 vote, Monroe County commissioners made the decision to create a resolution to send to the Governor. Before Kemp’s office was able to receive the resolution, the Governor issued an executive order to reopen certain non-essential businesses.

The executive order was issued on Monday and allows hair shops, gyms, nail salons, bowling alleys, and massage parlors to open. However, these businesses will only be allowed to perform at minimum capacity and allow ten people inside at a time.

Greg Tapley — the Monroe County County chairman — voted in favor of the state continuing with everyday life and says he believes the Governor’s executive order will help Georgians and Monroe County residents.

Taylor said, “He’s already started the reopening of Georgia, and a lot of folks have a lot of comments about that. I am guardedly optimistic that we’ll be okay.”

Larry Evans was the only commissioner to oppose the state reopening. He says he believes the resolution will send the wrong message to the county residents. Evans called the decision to begin reopening the state “very irresponsible”.

According to the Governor’s executive order, the non-essential businesses he listed are allowed to begin reopening on Friday.

Commissioner Evans said he has personally seen the impact of  COVID-19 and feels that the Governor should rescind his order.

“I thinking we should do just like Macon… they voted to send the Governor a request to rescind his order. I think it was very prudent on their part and I commend them for it and I’m thinking that’s exactly what Governor Kemp needs to do,” Evan said.

The Monroe County commissioners have not decided to change their resolution about the state reopening but said they will remain vigilant towards the pandemic and follow state guidelines.

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