Monroe County officials think new fire station will lower residents’ insurance rates

MONROE COUNTY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – A new fire station up in Monroe County is all built up and ready to go after several years of planning. 

Officials say the new station will cut down on response times which will save residents money right away.

“You’ll have a station in your backyard pretty much to help respond and help be able to render emergency medical care or fire services as needed,” Captain Jason Lott said. 
That was the plan all along for the newest fire station in Monroe County.
Station number 14 off of Dames Ferry Road is supposed to give some added relief to home and business owners in that part of the county. 
“What this here is a fire doubles in size every minute. So as quickly as we can get water to a fire, and water on that fire, the less  property loss there,” Fire Chief Donny Mercer said. 
He says getting to this particular part of town took a long time, causing fires to grow. 
If you look down on the ground, the asphalt hasn’t even been laid yet, but officials say the new fire station is already ready to go. They say this fire station is actually going to cut down on response times which is going to be big plus for the county.
“I think it’s going to be a very positive change of events for the county,” Lott said. 
Lott will be manning the station, along with five volunteer firefighters througout each week. 
He says there isn’t much action where the station is, but he thinks the $174,000 building will be useful.
“But at the same time it’s also not covered as well. We have to depend on other stations if there is an emergency in this area.This station being open and active…it will cut down on response times for our trucks getting there,” Lott said
A timesaver that could be a life saver. 
“You say time is on our side, the only time is on our side is if our citizens and our customers will call us in a timely manner,” Mercer said. 

Officials say the new fire station will impact residents immediately, cutting their insurance rates almost in half.   

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