Monroe County growing; Commission chair is positive for more to come

FORSYTH, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – More and more people are calling Monroe County home….that’s according to reports from the US Census Bureau. 

County commission chair Mike Bilderback says he has the answer to why that is, and what he hopes will keep the growth coming. 

During lunchtime in Forsyth, it’s as busy as ever.
Residents and employees are usually out getting those last minute errands done or grabbing a quick bite. 
Local businesses and restaurants love it that way, and according to census reports they’ll see more of it. 
Recently released numbers show growth in Monroe County at about two percent. One of only two counties in middle Georgia to actually increase, while others either stayed the same or decreased. 
“Monroe County suits them better, and I think that’s why you see people moving here and staying here because we’re not losing population,” Bilderback said. 

He thinks there is a sense of stability in the area. 

“I’ve been living in the same subdivision for 15 years, and nobody’s even  moved. Nobody’s moved in, nobody’s moved out. It’s very stable,” Bilderback said. 
He added there’s a lot reasons people head to the area.
“Bilderback says a great school system and great local businesses gets people to come here, but a combination of rural suburban living and being so close to Atlanta and Macon gets them to stay.
“They just like being here. I have heard so many people over the years say that they’re going to die here because this is just the best kind of rural suburban living that you can find,” he said. 
The county is reaping the benefits of being so close to the interstate, but according to Bilderback it still has an advantage of having a relaxed environment as well. 
“You don’t have to go anywhere if you like outdoors and like peaceful, suburban living. You’ve got it here,” Bilderback said. 
The only other county to grow in the past couple of years…. is Houston County. Bilderback says he has future plans keep the momentum going and improving the county’s services efficiency will help do that.

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