Mom to Mom: Rainbow grilled cheese

(41NBC/WMGT) —  Today we’re making rainbow grilled cheese. Sounds strange but who doesn’t love a good colorful snack?

We’re going to start just like you would making a regular grilled cheese, we recommend going with shredded sharp cheddar cheese, simply because we’re going to add some food coloring to it. You’ll want to grab around six different cups to place the shredded cheese in if you want them to come out rainbow colored but you can do any combination of colors! Once you have your desired number of cups, throw in the shredded cheese then add a few drops of whatever color you’d like to each cup (one per cup) and then stir it up. Now to make your rainbow grilled cheese!

Some people like to use butter grilled cheeses, some like to use mayonnaise, whatever you prefer, go ahead, and use that. Now, when it comes to putting the cheese on the actual grilled cheese, we recommend that you do lines of each color. That way it separates it and then when you cut it and open it up, it gives that nice little rainbow effect.

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