Mom to Mom: Tie-dye Easter eggs

We have an egg-cellent new way to dye those Easter eggs.

You’re probably used to the more traditional way of dyeing eggs with the vinegar. Then you’ve got all the cups. It’s just really messy. With this method, you only need five things.

Of course, you need the eggs. Then, you need paper towels, rubber bands, food coloring, and a water bottle. That’s it.

Start with a boiled egg. Take your paper towel, and wrap it up.

This is where our rubber band comes in handy. We take the rubber band and we wrap it around the paper towel.

Then, the fun part starts. We’ve got our food coloring. You’ve got any colors that you want. You take those, and you just place it anywhere on the paper towel that’s covered with the egg and just put little drops on there.

The last thing that we’re going to do is spray the egg with the water bottle, just to kind of wet it, and dampen it up. It makes those colors spread and look really nice.

Set them aside. Wait a couple of hours.

Once they’re completely dry, then you can open them up and see the results.

By letting the eggs dry, you keep the mess off your fingertips and on the eggs.

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