Milledgeville police using H.E.A.T. to watch distracted drivers

MILLEDGEVILLE, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Police are watching carefully for speeders and distracted drivers in Milledgeville.

The push is part of the annual H.E.A.T. program aimed at reducing traffic accidents.

The numbers are down, but there’s still a need to enforce.

“I think seeing patrol car automatically makes people a little fearful because they don’t want a ticket,” Major John Davis said.

Milledgeville police officers are back out on the city’s streets watching and waiting for drivers.

“We want people to know the laws, to know what they’re there for — that they’re there to maintain order and safety on the roadways which is a big part in reducing accidents,” Davis said.

He and officers are continuing the annual H.E.A.T. program that teaches drivers about safety laws from speeding to making sure people’s seat belts are buckled.

Officers have handed out more than 100 traffic tickets for the month whether for speeding or another reason.

“It’s when the high enforcement period starts where we begin to write tickets a lot more frequently and a lot more emphasis on that portion of traffic enforcement,” Davis said.

North Columbia Street is a problem area according to Davis.

“We have a lot of accidents in that area, both at the entrance at Walmart and in various other locations in that place,” he said.

When the program first started, police officers saw a decrease of about 250 citations — now Davis says the numbers are still getting lower, but they’re leveling off.

“We’re continuing to try to bring that message to get more people involved in this and more people understanding the state laws and how important it is when you get behind the wheel of a car,” Davis said.

An important understanding drivers need to make sure they’re aware of when they hit the road.

Major Davis says a lot of people think distracted driving only has to deal with texting and driving, but it can be anything from changing the station on the radio to grabbing a drink from a cup holder.

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