Milledgeville Police Department installs new speed cameras on Highway 49

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Baldwin County Speed Cameras
Speed Cameras

MILLEDGEVILLE, Georgia(41NBC/WMGT)— The Milledgeville Police Department hopes to make highway 49 safer for students — by placing speed cameras in the school zone area.

Driving down highway 49 there is usually always traffic each day, which means there’s a good chance people are speeding in the school zone.

In order to deter people from speeding, speed cameras have been placed in the Baldwin High School zone.

“They’re operational one hour before the school zone opens and one after the school zone closes but obviously during the middle of the day that is not a school zone, so the cameras turn off at that point in time,’ said Hank Griffeth the Milledgeville City Manager.

The Milledgeville Police Department partnered with the Baldwin County School District and the city to put the cameras up.

According to Griffeth, this is the second set of cameras that are in the city. The first set were installed several years ago at the GMC campus.

Griffeth believes these new cameras will help keep everyone safe. “The good thing about that particular entrance to Baldwin High School is, it’s not the entrance that the buses take, it’s the staff entrance and those kinds of things.”

During the next 30 days, the Milledgeville Police Department will issue a warning if you’re caught speeding in the area. After, the 30 days you will receive a ticket for speeding.

One resident agrees with the consequences established by the Police Department. “If you aren’t paying attention to your driving which is unsafe and you get a ticket, you deserved the ticket.”

Naomi Gilmore is a Jones County resident and travels on highway 49 often. She agrees with the cameras being put up. She also recalls the need from an incident that happened earlier this week. “Sometime drivers come through here speeding. The other day I came through here,  I saw some children over there trying to get across the road. I thought oh my god, I hope they don’t run out there and get hit.”

The city’s next goal is to place another set of cameras on Blandy Road.

If you want more information about the cameras just visit Milledgeville Police Department on Facebook.

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