Middle Georgia doctor addresses ebola and its myths

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – A middle Georgia doctor is addressing the myths and the uneasiness the public may have about the ebola virus making its way stateside.

Dr. Jeffrey Stephens, an infectious disease professor at the Mercer University School of Medicine at the Medical Center, says ebola isn’t “the kind of thing he’d be concerned about as far as transmission, especially when taking precaution.”

Stephens says many places where ebola is a pandemic, there isn’t proper isolation necessary in order to contain the virus and its spread.

He also says most hospitals and medical facilities are normally equipped with areas to deal with different “agents.”

Stephens says most hospitals have body fluid protective measures in place. According to him, the virus isn’t an airborne spread disease.

He adds there are specific kinds of precautions for different kinds of agents, and with ebola, hospital officials would need to step up those precautions.

“For most routine things, protective measures are in place, but if you have ebola and certain things like that, you try to dot your i’s and cross your t’s even a little more,” Stephens said.

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