Middle Georgia Cold Cases: Who Murdered Mattie?

MARSHALLVILLE, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – It’s been nearly 30 years since Macon County sheriff’s deputies found the body of a Fort Valley nurse in Marshallville. 

Since then agents with the GBI have taken over the investigation. They say the last time anyone saw Mattie Stamps, she was leaving work and add it’s odd where her body was discovered. 

“There was no reason she would’ve been in Macon County. Throughout this investigation, there’s no reason she would’ve been in Macon County,” Blair Sasnett, an agent with the GBI, said. 

Initially Macon County sheriff’s deputies were called to the scene, but an anonymous tip to the Peach County Sheriff’s Office sent deputies there as well. 

“People from the sheriff’s office ended up traveling to Macon County and located a body, at that time, of an unidentified female,” Sasnett said. 

The body had been there for weeks — it was decomposed and unrecognizable. 

Agents want to know how did she end up there. Was she killed and then dumped?

“Yeah we were able to contact the nursing home as well as family members because she never returned home that night,” Sasnett said. 

With little leads and the only clue being a gun shot wound to the head. Sasnett hasn’t been able to find a decent lead. 

“It’s a case that’s been passed on from agents that move on to different jobs. It’s passed on and passed on because there’s not a whole lot of leads and it’s not something that is current where you have constant leads that you can go on on a routine basis,” he said. 

As the case gets older, clues and witnesses fade away. 

“It’s one that I’ve reviewed numerous times and I’ve tried to come up with leads in order to solve the case,” Sasnett said. 

Agent Sasnett says he reviews the case quarterly looking for different clues that may surface that he may have missed. 

If you know what happened to Mattie Stamps, call the GBI Perry Office at (478) 987-4545.

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