Middle Georgia Cold Cases: Shot in the Street

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – One Macon family is still trying to figure out who killed one of their loved ones 13 years ago.Mia Lowe says she got the phone call after leaving her son’s baseball game that her older son, Marquez, was shot and killed. She says at this point she isn’t looking for closure, all she wants is justice.

Mia’s living room is filled with pictures. Everywhere you look, there’s a relative. Her son Marquez’s picture is front and center on the mantle.

“I had Marquez in high school. So most of my life he’s been my child. Not just adult life, but my life. Part of my soul was just ripped out,” Mia said.

She says she’s had a broken heart ever since learning Marquez was murdered.

“He was a human being. He was my child and something has to be done,” Mia said.

She remembers the day she found out the news after her youngest son, Damian’s, baseball game.

“We left and I went home. When I got home, on my home phone, there were about 20 missed calls as well from the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office,” Mia said.

She and her two boys were inseparable. Damian says when his mom was working, Marquez looked after him.

“…always being there. My mom worked a lot, so when she was gone he was there. He took care of me all of the time. Wherever he went, I was there,” Damian said.

Captain Jimmy Barbee, Bibb County’s lone cold case investigator, says detectives found several clues at the scene.

“We do have people that we have talked to in this case, but there’s nothing that we can say is concrete to where we can take this to trial,” Barbee said.

Marquez’s body was found with 8 gunshot wounds on Estes Road. Investigators say they think it was dumped.

“1,2,3,4,5,6,7 — seven different bullets, one lead fragment from a bullet,” Barbee said.

“Parents burying their children have become the norm and it shouldn’t be,” Mia said.

Barbee isn’t sure Marquez was shot where authorities found his body.

“I think he was shot somewhere, carried there, and they found that he was still alive and shot him some more times there,” he said.

But still no witnesses or suspects.

A tough pill for the mother and son to swallow.

“I’m missing him a lot right now. I’m an adult, this would’ve been the time of our lives that we would’ve been enjoying each other,” Damian said.

“I wonder what kind of man my child would be, what kind of father he would be, what kind of uncle he would be,” Mia said.

Questions Mia and Damian won’t get the answers to and are looking for closure as they wait for justice.

“I can’t have what I want, which is him. So the next best thing is justice for him, for us,” Lowe said.

If you have any information on who killed Marquez Faling call the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office at 478-751-7500.

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