Mercer’s University Center Morphs to Wrestling Arena

More than 400 wrestlers gathered in Macon today for a shot at a championship title. The National Collegiate Wrestling Championship runs today through Saturday at Mercer’s University Center.

The sport of wrestling brings an intensity that stirs the competitive spirit. The Mercer Bears are clawing their way through this tournament in hopes of mauling the competition.

“This is why we do all of those hours of drilling and exercises and live wrestling. Since September my guys have been busting their backsides working really hard,” said Mercer Head Wrestling Coach, Kevin Andres.

Andres can’t hold in his excitement as the 2011 NCWA championships have finally arrived.

That energy spilled over to the team and especially for Freshman Nick Wright. The youngster had his doubts coming into the tournament, but started off on the right foot.

“It was surprising I was telling the guys at practice the other day I was like I don’t think I’ll get a pin this whole tournament, because it’s going to be really tough and I’m a freshman. I’ll probably have to scrap for everything. It was nice to get a pin in that first match to set it off right,” said Wright.


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