Investigators: Apple Pay more secure than swiping debit cards

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) — Mercer University is switching from campus credential cards for students, to a digital credential similar to Apple or Google Pay.

Mercer University student Walter Fuller loves his Bear Card.

“[It] allows you to use your phone as your campus credential,” he said. “I can go and not worry about my wallet or debit card, and potentially lose it. [I] pay directly from my phone.” 

Swiping physical cards to get into buildings or to buy food on campus is in the past. Students can now do all of that with their phones.

Digital pay — a safer alternative?

Digital pay has become another payment option which may also be a safer alternative.

“When you use your Apple Pay at the register to pay, your account information isn’t actually stored on your phone,” said Mike Parrott, an investigator with Bibb County Sheriff’s Office.

Parrott says to keep your information safe, create a password.

“You think of it as just holding a simple phone. In reality, this would be stacked on top of bank account information. Also, credit card information, checks, personal data, social security numbers,” Parrott said. “All of that stuff is contained there. So if someone would gain access to your phone and get inside of it, it wouldn’t be much to pull that information.” 

Parrott says you should also make sure your phone is locked if you’re not using it. Also, continuously check your credit to ensure your information hasn’t been compromised.

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