Mass Transportation System May Be in Near Future for Warner Robins

The people of Warner Robins are talking transit.

“It used to be one out of ten would talk about it, two years ago it was about one out of every seven people, now it’s one out of every five people wants transit service,” says Mayor Chuck Shaheen, Warner Robins.

Now, they’re one step closer to getting what they want. Council unanimously passed a resolution to make federal grants available to help mass transit become a possibility for the future of Georgia’s international city.

“I’ll be on the sidelines supporting it,” says resident Nora Reese, “but our individuals who are fixed on income and our senior citizens would benefit from it hugely.”

Mayor Shaheen says he hopes to run mass transportation all over Warner Robins, including up and down Watson Boulevard, giving residents access to restuarants, stores, and city hall.

“It’s another step in the direction to meet the needs of citizens in Warner Robins,” says Shaheen.

Those needs include offices on Cohen-Walker Drive.

“It’s 14 miles one way to the DFACS office, it’s 14 miles one way to the labor department, and about 10 miles one way to the social security office,” says Reese.

Soon, those areas may only be a bus ride away.

“It’s something that we would really like to see in the near future,” says Shaheen.

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