Man killed at Warner Robins intersection marks latest in series of accidents

WARNER ROBINS, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – A car hit and killed a man crossing near Knodishall Drive and Watson Boulevard in Warner Robins early Monday morning–one of many in the last 5 years.

“(It’s) very dangerous, daylight or night,” said resident Arlenia Larkins.

Watson Boulevard could be the busiest road in Warner Robins.

“People trying to get home in a rush I guess,” said resident Lee Sawyer.

But one particular stretch takes more lives than it should–including one early Monday morning when a man was hit and killed near Knodishall Drive.

“This is at least the sixth or seventh automobile fatality, and it’s all literally right here,” said Larkins.

That stretch of road has seen 9 pedestrian involved accidents in the last five years–and Larkins has seen a good chunk of them while working nearby at Big Lots.

“It’s dangerous,” said Larkins. “Not only is it the lighting–this is a very industrial area.”

From what she’s seen, it has to do with more people walking and not enough lighting.

“But so many transients, because it’s two hotels, they travel by foot,” said Larkins. “They’re walking in the road at night, you don’t see them until you get right up on them.”

Sawyer lives nearby, and knows drivers don’t always follow every rule.

“But the whole–people just don’t, you know they’re changing lanes, they rarely use a signal, they’re turning they rarely use a signal,” said Sawyer.

That’s why Police Chief Brett Evans is a fan of streetlights on any road that’s too dark.

“It gives them some foreknowledge that there’s actually a pedestrian out there, then of course they can make actions and slow down or make maneuvers and at least be aware of their presence,” said Evans. “When they step out from complete darkness and they appear in front of you in the headlights. It’s just too late.”

But he understands how much they cost.

“They’re not free to put in, they’re certainly not free to operate,” said Evans. “So I understand the drawbacks from the cost analysis side of it. But that doesn’t keep me from being a proponent of it. I think they’re a good idea.”

Chief Evans says streetlights discourage crime as well.

He says to avoid wearing dark clothes if you’re walking near the street at night, and be sure to use the crosswalk.

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