Macon Rugby Team Gaining Popularity Through Social Media

Rugby is a game played by very few down here in Middle Georgia, but Macon’s local rugby team, the Macon Love, wants to change that.

“Right now we have a full out blitz marketing campaign,” says Club President Mike Dee “We put out a lot of flyers, a lot of Facebook, a lot of Myspace. We do a lot of web advertising. We put things up in local pubs, local restaurants.”

Dee says social media has been vital in spreading the word about a sport he’s passionate about–and that he hopes will become more popular.

“A lot of these men come from different walks of life,” he says. “We have firemen, we have sales representatives, school teachers, lawyers, so we have them put it up in their offices and just kind of get the word out that way–word of mouth!”

LeGrand Wilson started playing rugby two years ago, but he still considers himself a rookie. He says he and his team are just a bunch of guys with a common love for the game.

“More than anything I think its a brotherhood,” Wilson says. “Once you get to know these guys, they’ll give you the shirt off their back if they have to. We’re here for one another we support one another and it shows.”

Both Wilson and Dee say they hope their efforts on Facebook and other social media sites will pay off.

“I hope to see us move forward as a division 3 team because we’re fairly small and unknown,” Wilson says. “I’d like to see us get enough publicity and enough backing to be able to compete not only on the state level but possibly in the future on a national level.”

“I would hope that the city of Macon would get behind us a little bit. Other clubs have strong city support. It’d be nice if macon kinda came out and supported us, and maybe helped us with bigger fields and allow us to draw in other clubs and have tournaments here, and maybe help generate some revenue for the city,” says Dee.

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