Macon landfill passes inspection

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – After several months of quick work, the Macon landfill is back in compliance with the Environmental Protection Division.

It hadn’t passed its last couple of inspections.

If you’ve never driven to the Macon landfill, it’s everything you’d expect it to be.

There’s day-old garbage, glass containers, even old couch cushions on the trash laden hills where crews spend hours working.

Kevin Barkley, the director for Macon-Bibb’s solid waste department, loves the entire experience.

“We immediately began to work with other departments in the consolidated government to get the landfill back into compliance,” Barkley said .

Barkley has worked for the department for the last three months.

In that time, he says he had a challenge on his hands.

The landfill hadn’t passed its last inspections, and Barkley needed to act quickly.

He and several other departments got to work to fix the problems.

“It’s a two-fold thing you know, trying to do the daily work out here and get it back into compliance, plus understand the new government that was in place and everything, and my role,” Barkley said.

Several months ago, you’d be able to see exposed garbage up and down the landfill. Now there’s berms and pipes that help drain water. Barkley says these are all steps that helped the government pass inspection.

“We inspect the landfill daily. It’s a constant battle fighting the elements, but we try to do things in a proper order and do it right the first time,” Barkley said.

He adds it took around $40,000 and 500 plus hours of overtime work from employees to get all of the work done for the 100 acres at the landfill that require maintenance.

“Getting that properly compacted and covered, and then making sure that covers stays on there through the proper vegetation,” Barkley said. 

He says passing inspections is one thing, the goal is to keep it that way.

“It’s really paid off for us. Now that we’re in compliance, I fully expect us to stay in compliance going forward,” Barkley said.

He also says crews work non-stop throughout the week to make sure everything is up to code.

He adds the improvements couldn’t have happened so quickly without the help from other departments in the county.

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