Macon-Bibb commissioners to decide possession of historic Terminal Station

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Macon-Bibb commissioners are weighing their options on giving the city’s historic Terminal Station to the city’s transit authority. 

If that happens, the building could see millions of dollars in renovations. 

Andy Stroud says when it comes to Macon’s Terminal Station, there’s more than meets the eye. 

“We know that we can get federal funds to help us renovate certain parts of the Terminal Station,” Stroud said. 

The building has about 35,000 extra square feet. 

The marketing and facilities director is on a mission to get more funding to fix up parts of the building. 

Different rooms in the facility have holes in the ceiling, cracked foundation, and stained carpets. 

Stroud says a lot of people think Terminal Station is already completed when they walk inside. He adds what they don’t see is the two-thirds of space that need repair.

“There are some areas that are blighted, that we think that we can renovate and put to good use,” Stroud said. 

He already has a few ideas. The building has several business tenants; renovating the space could bring even more. 

“…and we can lease this property out for additional income,” Stroud said. 

He adds that money could help in the long run. 

“Of course if the income comes in that means we don’t have to go to the city or the county to get additional funds, we can reduce that amount of additional funds,” Stroud said. 

If the transit authority gets the building from the city, that would make the building eligible to receive federal grants. 

“At the present moment we have identified at least $1 million that we can use to help renovate the Terminal Station,” Stroud said. 

He wants all the help he can get, adding he wants to see the building at its full potential. 

“With the federal funds we think we can seek, we think that we can make a big improvement on it,” Stroud said. 

Commissioners are scheduled to vote Tuesday night on whether they’ll approve terminal station to the Macon Transit Authority.

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