Macon-based non-profits raise $1500 to take local kids to see Black Panther

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Millions of people world wide went to see Marvel’s Black Panther in theaters this weekend including two mentoring groups in Macon. They say they raised more than $1,000 for local kids to see the movie.

“We wanted you to see yourself in a different light and in a positive manner as kings and queens and leaders of tribes,” said ‘I Am Developing’ Company’s Andrea Glover.

It’s the film that everyone’s been talking about and marvel fans have been dying to watch and re-watch.

“I’m super excited about the movie with the main character being the Black Panther in a Utopian society in Africa,” ‘Streets to Success’ organizer Ansley Booker told 41NBC.

“This is my second time seeing black panther and I’m not against seeing it again maybe next Friday during Mercer’s Midnight Movie,” said Mercer student and mentoring volunteer Jordan Mike.

The seats were full at Sunday’s screenings of Marvel’s Black Panther–not just for the action packed scenes but for what the film itself means to its African American viewers.

“The thoughts of what it might’ve been like if Africa had never been colonized or it was never taken away from, I think it just kind of represents a lot of dreams, a lot of hopes, a lot of possibilities of what might’ve been,” Mike explained.

And what could still be for local mentoring groups like ‘Streets to Success’ and ‘I Am Developing’ Company that believe the film is a ‘must see’ for African American youth.

“I think it’s really important that students here in Macon and across the United States have the opportunity to see positive images of themselves in movies and in social media.”

Ansley Booker and Andrea Glover–the organizers of the two groups–teamed up to raise $1500 for 126 kids in Macon to see the movie and be counted in the millions.

“Representation, like I said, is important–being able to see yourself visually will inspire you to get engaged and will trigger your imagination to think things outside of what you may have experienced in your local communities,” Glover said.

Both groups are aiming to widen the lens of attainable goals for children who come from humble beginnings and inspire big dreams on screen.

“Because if I can be like that could be me some day. I might want to be able to do that one day,” said one student Jamaizia Wallace.

They’re hoping it will turn movie magic into motivation for each student’s success.

The movie stars an all black main cast and broke records in the box office as the fifth highest grossing debut weekend of all time with $192 million in ticket sales.

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