What to do if you lose your child at the Georgia National Fair

PERRY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – With so much going on, a kid’s mind can easily become distracted and wonder off without an adult.

If you’re at the fair and lose your kid, Perry Police Captain Heath Dykes says to find someone in a uniform to let them know your child’s lost. Whether it be a deputy,
fair employee, or GBI they’ll put the call out about your child.

There’s also a designated area for lost children under the clock tower.

“That you kind of keep your eyes on your kids and if they go to a location or go to a restroom that has openings on both sides. Make sure you make them aware of it when you go to the restroom, that there’s two ways you can get into it,” he said.

Captain Dykes says there are free identification bracelets at the entrance gates. Those bracelet’s allow parents to write their phone number, so someone can call the parent if the child is found.

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