Local veterinarian warns pet owners of poisonous substances

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) — Spring is here. That means a variety of flowers and plants will bloom throughout Middle Georgia.

Pet experts say things like flowers and chocolate prove extremely dangerous to your pets.

Doctor Vernard Hodges from the TLC hit TV show Critter Fixers says pet owners should keep their pets away from flowers and fertilizer which can burn the paws.

“Tulip leaves are very toxic, they destroy the kidneys. So you want to be really careful with those. Daffodils as well, chrysanthemums,” said Dr. Hodges. 

Dr. Hodges says medicine and pain killer pills can also cause harm. He said last year he saw about 50 cases where pets ate something that could be poisonous. He even saw a dog that ate high blood pressure medicine. 

“I had people drop their high blood pressure pills and the animal ate it. We are talking about an animal that’s about 30-40 % smaller so it drops their blood pressure and that starts to bottom out,” said Dr. Hodges. 

Dog owner Melanie Mclain says her 5-year-old dog Miwa doesn’t get into much but says she gets a little too curious when outside. 

“I’m still not sure what she got into,” said Mclain.

Mclain says after a walk one day, Miwa experienced an upset stomach.

“She was kinda struggling and dealing with some digestive issues for about a day,” explained Mclain. 

Dr. Hodges says that’s a sign something isn’t right. He says pets can also have diarrhea or dilated pupils. 

According to the Critter Fixer vet, if your pet eats any other than dog food, use hydrogen peroxide to make your cat or dog vomit.

“First thing you want to do, If you can look at the bottle if it’s not something that will burn on the way up. You can induce vomiting,” said Dr. Hodges.

Finally, then take your pet to the vet.

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